Babies at Work

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Yesterday was my first day away from Rad.  He is 10 1/2 weeks old.  I have been lucky enough to be able to bring him to work with me from 6 weeks until now.  Yesterday was the first day of a slow transition out of the workplace for him.

Two days a week (the days I teach), he will be with his dad most of the day (yesterday being the first day of that arrangement).  Sometime in the next few weeks, we’ll add one or two days a week of daycare at Flintstone’s school.  By early March, he will only accompany me to the office once per week.

I personally feel strongly that babies at work should be a more common occurrence in suitable workplaces.  I am probably more productive when Rad is here than when he is not.  This is a pretty common opinion.  Check out Parenting in the Workplace and this Forbes article for more info.

Attachment Parenting at Work

Yesterday went surprisingly well.  I was definitely sad and worried about both Rad and MacGyver (though I knew I shouldn’t be).  But luckily (if you’d call it that), things were so insane at work I barely had time to think about it.  (Not so luckily, I had back to back meetings that caused me to miss one pumping session – can’t let that become a regular occurance).  The boys had a grand old time, and even cleaned the house while I was at work.

Today, Rad is back with me.  Teething early (just like his big brother did), he is laying on my stomach practicing getting his hand in his mouth as I type from a reclined position.

Working Moms

I’m 1/2 way through editing the last of the weekly pregnancy photos, and will put them up all at once.  I also have a couple of post partum pictures, though I didn’t even attempt to do those weekly.

There is so much I’d like to write about, to keep track of and remember with this blog, but I’ve scheduled myself so tightly for the next 4-6 months, I’ll be lucky just to get those pictures up!  Between full time work, Marine reserves, the Detroit Revitalization Fellowship, and Adjuncting at the law school, I am technically working 5 1/2 forty hour weeks per month…  And that doesn’t include anything else I might do – like the two conferences I’m supposed to be presenting at…

All with this beautiful little face smiling up at me (or clawing my neck like a wild banshee…).

Working Mother

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