Weekly Pregnancy Photos: Weeks 15 and 16

weekly pregnancy photo ideas

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Holy cow, I am so far behind!  I am 18 weeks pregnant and have only managed to get up to week 16 on the project.  There has been so much going on in our lives lately – very sad news for friends of ours as well as huge professional successes.  I’ve been working at all hours and nearly 7 days a week for three weeks now.  Looks like the 2nd trimester burst of energy hit just in time!

I have been feeling really good lately, and the belly is really starting to pop.  It’s visible enough now that if you compare my 4 week picture to the 16 week picture (or the [hopefully] soon to come 17 week shot), you can clearly see the bump.  Still, it looks a lot bigger to me than it does in pictures.  I have to go back to the pictures from my first pregnancy to remind myself just how much farther we have to go.

Even with all the craziness – and partly because I need a break from it – I’ve been really keeping up on my running.  I get at least two 5 mile runs in per week, often more.  Unfortunately, aside from pelvic floor work, that is the end of my fitness regime.  Even though I think about it a lot, I have not yet picked yoga back up.  Maybe when the free yoga classes at work start back up in a couple weeks…

And I look good.  I don’t look much different than I normally do (just a little more plump), but I just look really good lately.  My freckles are popping (part summer part pregnancy), my haircut is perfect lately, and people – whether they know I’m pregnant or not – keep commenting.  I’m not sure if it’s pregnancy or just the fact that I’m so cheerful finally coming out of my listless and nauseous 1st trimester.

It’s a good thing, too, because I was unexpectedly on the news last week.  Our marketing director came in while I was eating lunch and asked me if I could do an interview in 5 minutes. On TV.  I don’t typically wear make-up to work (though I would if I knew I was going to be on TV!), I hadn’t really done anything with my hair, and (thanks to the pregnancy) I was sporting quite a lot of cleavage.  But I pulled it off and it turned out wonderfully – and the response more than doubled my workload.  Ah, mixed blessings.

Work is going to continue to be crazy at least through the rest of June – possibly for the rest of the entire summer.  Huge things are afoot.  And I still really, really need to finish redoing Flintstone’s room!  And plant the garden.  And write or finish the 5 articles I have committed to recently.

Hope you’re all having as great a June as I am – or better!

A quick note on the photos:  I have stated many times that I don’t photoshop and that these are accurate and honest photos of myself, and that is completely true, but in the interest of full disclosure I wanted to point out that I DO adjust the brightness and colors in these photos (especially since I seem to be yellow in them lately, which is not accurate…).  So blemishes and stretch marks stay; I don’t cut hunks of my body off or thin myself down; but if a shot is really dark (like the 15 week shot was), I do play with the brightness and color saturation levels.

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