Weekly Pregnancy Photos: 12 Weeks

vegan pregnancy photos belly bump

With this post, I have officially caught back up with this photo project.  I am in my 13th week and will take the 13 week picture Sunday, and the 12 week picture is all filled in and up!

It seems like the listlessness that had really taken hold in weeks 10-11 has finally started to lift, and I’m finally getting a lot done at work again – just in time, too, as I have a major project launching June 1!

When I was pregnant with Flintstone, we called him Pip.  This little fetus is dubbed “The Mouse” for several reasons:  First, I had a dream early on in my pregnancy (6 Weeks) where this little one was born perfectly healthy but tiny and pink like a little mouse; second, because I kept thinking of the little pink mouse that was my brother, Boo’s favorite stuffed animal when he was very small; and third, because I kept finding myself singing the song Little Ghost by the White Stripes from the end of the movie Paranorman (one of Flintstone’s favorite songs and movies, respectively), but singing “little mouse,” instead of “little ghost.”  So this one become the Mouse.

On a sad note, a freak drop in temperatures killed two of the three pumpkin plants that were growing in the pictures.  The third and smallest one, though, is hanging on and pushing forward.  You can just barely see it in the bottom left part of the big pot.  The marigolds are still alive and well in the smaller pot, but since their early leaves are still dark purple, they don’t show up in the pictures yet.

Punky and Flintstone are both excited in their own ways.  Punky can’t stop talking about how much she wants a little sister.  Flintstone knows there is a baby growing in my belly, but really sees it more as a fun drum when it sticks way out after dinner.  I didn’t think he really thought much of it at all until he randomly kissed my belly the other day.  And I melted.  He has also laid claim to the pink bunny Nan (my mom) “gave” the Mouse.

On the gender front, I remain solidly neutral.  Punky and my mom are both pulling for a girl.  MacGyver says he doesn’t care, but he also firmly believes the Mouse is a girl.    Actually, so far anyone who has put forth a guess has gone with female.  I don’t know if this is because Flintstone is a boy and people assume that makes a girl more likely or because I have had more pregnancy symptoms this time around or what, but I don’t think a single person – friend or vague acquaintances alike – has guessed this child might be a boy.  With the exception of my mom’s “little fairy boy” comment, which was a joke and a hilarious one, not something I am at all offended or bothered by.  We all know full well that whatever sexual orientation my children are born with and grow to express is fine by me.

I can honestly say I don’t care what gender this child is.  I love the girl and the boy I already have.  I would be thrilled to have another of either.  I can sort of understand people wanting a child of one gender or the other if they only have a single gender in their offspring so far (all girls or all boys), but it makes me seriously sad when people state that they want to have one gender or the other because their other children don’t fit their own stereotypes (eg, “I hope it’s another boy because I always wanted a son I could play baseball with and my son Timmy doesn’t like baseball).  One of my favorite things about having a baby is discovering who this new person is!  It is so exciting and amazing to see a whole personality – one that I could never have predicted – grow and form right in front of my eyes.  Boy or girl, serious or playful, into sports or science or dolls, it is always an adventure and one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

So I honestly do not care what gender the Mouse is, but I will admit that I really do want to know!  I want to get a move on this naming thing!!!

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