Weekly Pregnancy Photos: 10 Weeks

I’m still a week behind on these pictures. Today marks 12 weeks, and I only just finished the 10 week picture.  With any luck, though, the second trimester will bring a little more energy and motivation.  Heaven knows I can use it!

I am actually feeling quite a bit better. I can’t tell if it’s the pregnancy progressing or just the awesome weekend we spent at my mom’s house.  Sunshine and massive indulgence in both junk food and The Golden Girls made for a really wonderful time.  Add that to a lot of fun with the kids, MacGyver, my mom, and old friends and the only part of the weekend that I found myself cranky about was the part where we had to come home!

It’s a good thing I no longer have a personal blog, or I might be persuaded to post some very embarrassing karaoke videos, ha!  Sober karaoke videos!

baby bump picture project

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