Vegan Pregnancy Blog

I caved and started a pregnancy blog – as you can probably see.  Then I lied in the title of my first post – this is not technically a vegan pregnancy blog.  We are nearly vegan, but not entirely.  We practice what is called Ethical Eating – which is largely about knowing where your food comes from and seeking to make food choices that have the least amount of negative impact on other beings and on the environment and world.  There will be a more detailed post in this in the future, and there is already plenty about it over at the Urban Earthworm main page.

That said, I hope this blog will be a helpful resource for pregnant women/families/people seeking to follow a plant-based, vegan, ethical, or just healthy diet.  It won’t focus exclusively on food, but I do tend to talk about food a lot.  Ethical Eating and Food Law are my passions.

This blog will also talk about our determination to live as sustainably as possible in the midst of a harried modern day life.  I fantasize about becoming an off-the-grid homesteader, but that is a long, long way off.  In the meantime, I focus on the small steps I can take to reduce our negative environmental impact and increase our positive effects.

I may be great at posting on this blog, and I may be terrible.  I am only able to post to the Urban Earthworm main page once or twice per month.  I work three jobs (one full time – all professional) and have two kids (and a fetus), two rescued dogs, and one very put upon rescue kitty.  Oh, and we can’t forget my devoted husband, MacGyver.  Posts at Urban Earthworm are fewer and farther between because they take a good bit of work and often research.  Since this blog will be of a more personal and rambling nature, maybe I’ll find more time to post here.  We shall see.

The main purpose of this blog is to serve as my own record of this pregnancy.

Bear with my while I get this all up and running.

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