First OB Visit

I had my first OB visit in the middle of week 8.  Nothing exciting to report.  The doc confirmed that I am indeed pregnant, and that BabyCenter was pretty accurate in estimating how far along I was.

“Yep,” he said, “feels like 8 weeks.”

This was, of course, after we spent an hour (to the minute) in the waiting room nearing lunch time.  I was ready to take a bite out of MacGyver.  Pregnancy hunger is no joke in my body.  When they eventually called me back, the nurse actually laughed when she opened my chart.

“Wow!  You guys didn’t waste any time!”  This pregnancy, just like that with Flintstone, was conceived seemingly the moment I had my copper IUD removed.

When the doc came in the room, he had much the same reaction, repeating his “wow” again after calculating my likely conception date – 2 or 3 days after coming off birth control.  The rest of the interview was pretty short; punctuated by many repetitions of “we covered that last month.”

I was very disappointed to find out that he considered it too early to try to hear the heartbeat (also making it kind of a waste of time for MacGyver to have come along).  I got a whole bunch of blood drawn, and was off on my merry way to await the 12 week (or so) appointment at which point I can schedule my ultrasound.  Ugh.

I really like this OB, but sadly we probably won’t be able to stay with him through the whole pregnancy.  Unless something goes wrong, I will avoid giving birth in a medical environment.

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So I need to get on top of contacting midwives – which, as it turns out, is much more daunting here in Michigan than it was in South Carolina.  I SO wish we could use GeorgeAnna from Savannah Midwifery again.  She was wonderful!  There is also an “alternative birth center” attached to a hospital that a few people have recommended, but I can’t tell on its face whether it is a religious hospital.  Based on many cases I’ve read in the course of some of my work as an attorney, the idea of going anywhere near a religious hospital while pregnant terrifies me.

So much to think about!  So much to do!

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